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Vaginoplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery)
Patient Success Story

CASE STUDY—"Renewed Marital Bliss"

"I Feel Like A New Woman . . . My Confidence Has Rocketed," says Erica Chambers, 33, who had a vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty) performed by Dr. Bernard Stern.

After the birth of her third child, a normal delivery, Erica sensed that her vaginal muscles felt "heavy" and thought her vagina "sagged" inside of her. "My husband never complained, but I just knew there was a slackness that hadn't been there in the past. I don't know, I just felt I'd lost that tight feeling I once had," she said.

"I wasn't sure if there was anything wrong with me, so I decided to find out if there was a way to tighten up my internal muscles," she continued. "I went on the Internet and was absolutely thrilled when I found Dr. Stern's web site"

Erica was lucky enough to find Dr. Stern, who was one of the leading vaginal surgery specialists in North America. She called him and spoke with him directly after inquiring via an email communication. "It was so reassuring to find out that what I was feeling was nothing out of the ordinary . . . even better, I was delighted to find out that something could be done to fix it.

Erica has never been one to follow trends, or fads, and doesn't usually believe in non-essential plastic surgery. "I don't even wear make-up," she quips.

After speaking with Dr. Stern, and getting his detailed medical explanation of the cause of what she felt, she decided to move forward with the surgery. Erica explained that the way she saw it, it was as if she'd been injured slightly during normal childbirth, and she was merely having the injury repaired. "My grandmother had a prolapsed uterus, which eventually led to incontinence problems," she explained. "I didn't want the same fate".

Erica then explained her experience in detail.

"My husband thought I was crazy, but he could see how important it was to me. I told him I'd feel more pleasure . . . and that would make me feel better and boost my confidence. Sure, I was a bit nervous about the procedure. Who wouldn't be? But, after talking with Dr. Stern a few times—his way of explaining things and the fact that I could always reach him on his cell phone for any questions I might have—well, it made me feel good about myself. I knew I was making the right decision. With Dr. Stern, I could easily talk about my private areas . . . I even found our where my G-spot was!

It all went so fast . . . and easy. I only felt a bit of pain for the first week after the procedure, and about a week and a half later, I was able to return to my studies—I'm a full-time biology student.

Five weeks after the surgery, my husband and I made love for the first time. I will admit, I was a bit cautious at first. But, afterwards, well . . . I'll just say that we were BOTH very, very happy!

Since my operation my confidence has rocketed and I'm thrilled with the results. So is my husband. I feel like standing on my porch and shouting it to the world!"













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