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Selecting the Right Surgeon for Vaginoplasty

So you've finally decided to get the vaginoplasty procedure you've been thinking about for some time. The only thing to do now… is to find the right surgeon who can assure you'll receive the best success without any problems.

Even more important, there is a clear distinction between what a Urogynocologists is, and what a Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeon is [Urogynocologists versus Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeon]. A urogynocologists is someone that is trained in gynecology with an additional focus on urology. A urogynocologists can fix that bulge or hernia-like protrusion into the vagina from the front side (bladder or anterior side, called a cystocele), or the back side (rectum or posterior side, called a rectocele), because they specialize in those types of medical organ repairs. These are surgical procedures that you may NEED. Just remember, a vaginoplasty, in its truest form is not NEEDED—it’s WANTED, by you, to improve your sexual feeling, function and enhance your sexual life. It is really a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure.

Yes, urogynocologists can do a vaginoplasty and even a labiaplasty, but those two procedures are not what they generally do most often, hence they don’t do them with the same aesthetic considerations and experience as a cosmetic gynecologist.

To begin, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to realize that not all surgeons perform vaginoplasty. The fact is… very few perform this difficult procedure on A REGULAR BASIS. True, many surgeons will say they perform vaginoplasty. Many will even say they do them regularly. But, the key is to find someone fully qualified, that performs the procedure AT LEAST 4-5 TIMES PER MONTH. That means, the surgeon you choose, should average approximately one every week.

When picking a cosmetic vaginal surgeon you need to evaluate at least three things very carefully.  You don’t want the cheapest surgeon, or easiest to find (watch out for those paid ads on the Internet!), or the closest doctor.  Many women make a wrong decision initially, and it comes back to haunt them for the rest of their lives. Just remember one thing when it comes to price and using an inexperienced surgeon for vaginoplasty . . . once tissue is removed, it can’t be replaced! It’s your body and you only get one chance to get vaginoplasty done right to assure good results, so don’t look for bargains when it comes to your body and wellbeing.  Remember one thing, sometimes it’s best to spend a little more (generally usually not more than a few thousand dollars) and get good quality, without worry.

1. First, look at the surgeon’s credentials.  Perspective patients might want to go on-line to and check his medical licensing and credentials.

2. Second, look at the facility where the surgeon is going to perform the surgery.

3. Third, and most of all, look at a lot of examples of his or her work.  If you don’t see dozens of pre and postoperative photographs of actual patients, make sure you ask for more examples! This is critical. Not only does it show that the surgeon is qualified, but it’s a sound measure of the quality of their work—because one doesn’t have to be a physician to see the difference between a preoperative photo and a good postoperative result—anyone can see it. Then, make sure you ask the doctor or nurse how many vaginal cosmetic surgeries the surgeon has done in the last year.  Our experienced vaginoplasty surgeons have outstanding results as anyone can see from our before and after patient photographs.

4. Finally, make sure you are being operated on in the proper surgical setting. Is the procedure being performed on you in a non-sterile examination room with numbing cream? Right after a gynecologist has just performed a STD (sexually transmitted disease) procedure? Or, perhaps in the same setting where a plastic surgeon has just excised a cancer skin lesion? Neither is the best surgical setting. Make sure you get your surgery done in proper sterile setting, not an office examination-room environment.

Once tissue is removed, it can’t be replaced, so don’t economize, get the right surgeon at the right facility . . . AND SEE LOTS OF SAMPLES OF THEIR WORK!!












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